The Sniper Chronicles - Australian zombie

I thought I’d post an old comic of mine here. It features the sniper from TF2 on a Zombie Master map. You can download it here and view it here. Feel free to comment and critic it :stuck_out_tongue:

TF2 + HL2 == Not so good.
Should have used a TF2 map and the TF2 Zombies.
Otherwise pretty good.

Sniper talks too much.

lol nice position

I didn’t expect it. That’s because I didn’t read the titile “Australian Zombie”. Great job though.

Was this a repost? I’m pretty sure i’ve seen it before

No? I have it on moddb. Maybe you’ve seen it there or on BWL (Bored with life)

Link to dat map.Nao please. :smiley:


Its good and all but there is barely any face posing. The sniper looks like he has paralysis in his face through half of this.

You’re right. I didn’t face pose at all.

No there’s some face posing but the face posing was very limited.

Did he have that rifle in his pocket or what? :v:
But anyways, good.

Uh, no. It was in the hat :stuck_out_tongue: