The Sniper [S.T.A.L.K.E.R.]

can’t see shit

You told it because didn’t see image or because it wasn’t pleasant to see?

Wait, what?
And I see that Cold War haven’t ended yet :V

Why is it so red?

Why is it so bloomy?

Why is the wall so low quality?

If it wasn’t so

it could be a good picture though.
I kinda like the background buildings

Fussy, because i wanted to show it such.

Trek, sorry, i can’t express more precisely.

Those textures are terrible.

Not your fault, but they’re terrible.

I’m blind now.

Is there a nuke going off in front of him or something? :pwn:

The posing is nice but the area is bland and unexciting and nothing is going on. The bloom is just murdering my eyes too