The Sniper shooting at something,The Engineer oiling his sentry at night and the..

…Scout being Headshotted.

Wow, nice cartoon effect you got there :smiley:
Good posing aswell :slight_smile:

Nice editing.

Is that an actual sniper model? (If it is then i wouldn’t know i don’t play TF2 on pc)

That’s pretty slick.

Thanks for the link to that

Great work.

I get you would like to know, but what?

And pretty freaking badass. Posing was well-done.


And I’m surprised he hit his head. It’s just… so tiny, such a… such a tiny little head!

Posing is really good, but some of the editing is needs improvement though. But its nice to see you trying

I love the scout BEING headshotted and the Engineer. I dislike the sniper with his SkullSnipah.

The details, you already know them. Overall it’s awesome. <3

I LOVE that Skull Rifle. Looks kinda Painkiller stylee.

Becuz i’m not a bastard keeping good models for him, here is the hexed version i did for Ehanced :

I hope you don’t mind mate. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if this was intended, but in the picture of the Scout being shot in the head, the Sniper in the bottom right does not have the skull sniper.

Other than that, I thought that the pictures were really great.

More like he headshotted Mr. Scout and then took his bones to customize his rifle ! <3

Fucken love this man, best work yet :smiley:

Keep it up :slight_smile:

It’s in my common intrest to want to see whether a weapon is a replacement or a weapon that came in the sniper update.

Pure Awesome-ness.