The sniper sleeping with his straw hat Scout looking at his cap. BLACK HAT FIX INSIDE

Look what I fixed!

Thank you Karimatrix for telling me how to fix it.

That cap must be yummy.

got a fix for the black SKINS AND BLACK PROPS TOO??
i’m raging right now
nvm just readed the thing…nice find thanks
i don’t get it tough do i have to copy and past all the vmt files in the gmod folder and then delete the lines?
or di i just delete them in the tf2 folder?

Yeah this sux.
Really need a fix for my black ragdolls!:argh:

Combine, in the fix thread, my post is for the hats, karimatrix’s post is for the ragdolls.

Thank you AI.
But in Karimatrix fix the pyro and the sniper are still broken.

i can’t find the vmt files for the hats and stuff where are they??