The Sniper threatning the Driver.


How is he able to hold an M82 with one fucking hand?

He is a cartoon. He can do outstanding shit. That is my excuse for anything else you may like to add.

He is Super Man :smiley:

He’s just that awesome it would seem, good posing although the engineers light attachment is clipping.

Link to the Driver? :haw:

Edit: Found it.

While you’re at it Sniper, kill the Engie too.

driver! do a barrel roll!

he’s a enemy from metal gear solid cause he’s got the exclamation point.

mining light clipping in helmet real bad

Why wouldn’t the sniper like him?

What is your excuse for using that godawful female engie model?

What’s animu engineer doing there?

I like the consistency.

Wait, is that Engineer a girl?

She looks cute.

Ok then would you like to fix it in 3ds max or something?

As far As I know that’s the only femgie out there.