The Sniper waiting for a shot

Felt like doing somthing off meet the sniper and this is what i got.

this is the pic i based it off

Feel free to edit this if you want to.
comments are welcome

Very good, even tough the camera should be a bit lower.

And his fingers are wierdly posed.

Looks good, but the first impression it gave me was that you simply cut out the frame from Meet the Sniper

Wow, almost looks exactly the same other than the odd thing here and there.
Very nice!

nice, I was thinking it would be a screenshot from meet the sniper for a second

very very nice

Thanks for the comments guys.

Hand posing isn’t perfect, the camera angle could be lower and the picture could be brighter. Apart from that though, this picture is awesome.

Nice work. Almost looks like you ripped it out of the trailer and I was gonna call bullshit :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing… Somebody put up one from Meet the Sniper for comparison.

I still sense a troll… somehow…

What map is this?

Just looked at a request.

We really needed that, because OP didnt have the original pic already.
That was sarcasm, by the way.


nice, secret jarate stach spotted!

Sorry, I didn’t see that. I just saw the guy requesting a comparison…

Its ok.


Whats so secret about it?

looks like hes been there all day with the amount of piss jars

Thats what snipers do.

I was about to flame you for cutting something out from Meet the Sniper until I saw the coffee mug.