The Sniper's Insane 3D Adventure

Hi Facepunch

Here is a couple of poses in gmod I took. Well, it’s one but one of them is 3D!!
No post-editing involved, all in gmod
Here’s the non-3D one:

Here’s some notes for 3D:
You DO NOT need a 3D monitor so everyone can see it!
You need to make/have some anaglyph glasses. Here’s a site on how to make them:
it’s cyan/red. So yeah.

If you want more, post your ideas because I am not original.

Anything good about it?
Anything bad about it?
Come on, at least a couple of replies on what I need to work on?

Constructive criticism please. Not ‘OMG yur poseng is stuppid, try hader neckst time’
(If ‘OMG yur poseng is stuppid, try hader neckst time’ isn’t one of the first comments I am going to be very surprised.)

OMG yur poseng is stuppid, try hader neckst time

In all seriousness, the 3D idea is a nice concept, but the execution could have been better.

The posing is great, but the shading on the Sniper’s armpits looks out of place. Also, the edges of the sniper look…jittery. Use Super DoF.

I believe this might help.