The snipers Kukri can be very... Effective, even with the smallest effort.

It seems that he just chopped the knife with his left arm and spy has a glass eye

How is the left arm significant?

And it’s a tf2 eye, it’s bound to not look realistic…

Nice. I have one of these, i know how effective they can be :wink:

Looks quite bloody, I like it.
But there are some random blurred parts on the pic.

Knife should have more “motion” effect and chopped a bit deeper in to the spy to actually cut the eye out. And it looks like the spy was just standing there when sniper came…
But anyways, I like how the Sniper is looking

I hate to pick apart your critisism, but i can so…

The title says it can be effective with the smallest effort… Which means he isn’t really thrusting that hard.

Its TF2, who cares how much effort it takes.

Perhaps the spy was just standing there, people do that y’know.

Faceposing could have been better on the spy, he just looks nervous. The gore is really damn good though.

Yeah i regret not using more of a suprised face now. Thanks.

I quite like this.

I guess the spy has to borrow the demoman’s eye patch

Seems that you stole the eyeball idea of my 12030123 eyeball pictures!

Just kidding, looks pretty good actually, needs more orangy blood though.

looks pretty cool, but i dont like the blood that much

eyeball is too small I think


Thanks all

I know that tf2 is cartoony, but that doesn’t mean the blood has to look horrible.
I mean c’mon, how long is it since that knife entered his skull? 1-2 seconds? And I will overlook the fact he is using his left arm and that the posing and angle is horribly tasteless and boring. However, I doubt there would be an amazing blood splatter from such a knife having entered his cheek where there isn’t actually that much blood because it’s not even an inch of muscles before reaching the skull. And his eye popped out of its socket? I mean c’mon, eyes aren’t neatly placed in there you know, it is actually attached to alot of shit that is on the inside!! :science:

The blood itself looks wierd too, it has a hint of depth in it, however, it doesn’t look like blood, it looks more like some sort of thick vanilla like consistence, that somehow gets washed out near the edges… I mean, it is really illogical.

Blood looks pretty bland.

It’s a TF2 picture.


Stop trolling.

Hehe, are you for real? You of all people, you always try to edit your best… So your logic makes no sense. Although it’s true I don’t like goldenbullet what so ever, that doesn’t mean my C&C isn’t correct.

In short, I’m not trolling, you’re just assuming so because I had a little tiff with him, and you.

And also it’s just a tf2 picture? Re-read my C&C thank you.