The Sniper's unknown kill of his killer

My first release of anything for a long time. I’m quite happy with how it came out, that pesky Spy failing with no one to see it (so does he make a sound?)

That’s about it. Going to play Killing Floor now :smiley:

Title is retarded, posing is great, photoshopping is unnecessary

The title is deliberate, and the photoshopping is more me getting used to using Photoshop again. I’ll probably re-release when I get to grips with it again.

1 tip for you:don’t filter rape your pictures to give it an “artistic” look to it…it just doesn’t work

filter rape

all you dumbasses who think this is filter rape should just stop. this “filter rape” actually makes it look like a painted picture. it’s better than most of your generic bullshit.

how about you have a nice cup of “think about it before you open your mouth”

because seriously, this picture looks like complete smudged shit. the posing is nice for sure, but the filter rape ruins it. and i will repeat that over and over, because it is what i think it is.

filter rape. filter rape. and more filter rape.

I have never seen a painting that looks like this.
This is one of the most generic pictures going; mildly amusing TF2 picture. How original.
Stop being a hypocrite - you just made a picture of a MARSOC SCAR, shooting off-screen, completely alone. That is the most generic picture on the front page.

Um. Thanks?
I hate people that over use filter, but with this one I just exaggerated the cartoon tones of Tf2. That’s all. Have you had a bad day or something?

I don’t think I could have had a bad day seeing as I got up about 30 minutes ago.
Your use of the filter sucks. It was lazy and did nothing to improve the picture at all.

But you haven’t seen the original.

oh well, people are always crabbier when they just wake up :smug:

Very cartoontic

I can’t make out what’s happening properly, but I prefer it to DARK DARK DARK editing I see.

There is a superspy chasing sniper’s van while flying?

I’ve seen paintings like this. :smug: you may have not been looking hard enough

Filter rape.

Sorry I go to art-galleries not primary school classrooms.


it is filter rape and you know it