The Sniper's Watch

My first posted TF2 comic. Hope you like it.



Explain your comic please!
Also 2 and 3 is the same picture.
Posing is good,speechbubbles are okay.

You’ve never heard someone say “not on my watch” in a movie or anything??

I get it. Like the guards in TES4 say “Break the law on my watch will you?” or something to that effect.

I guess I get it… Kinda boring.

I hear it in this game:
But I dont think you have it out of this game >_>
This guy is fucking crazy and the sniper isnt!

I give you one heart my good sir.

Could open the sniper’s mouth a little bit more and then it would looks like he’s actually saying “Not on my watch” other than staying with the same face he was in the previous panel. I didn’t really found this funny, I thought the joke would be different, anyway, work on a more prominent project, and if humor is not your strong point, then make a First Serious TF2 Comic and let’s see how it goes ;D

Im the only one that found this funny? (Just a bit)

I thought it was clever. Not really funny, but clever.

You should have finished with an overview of a map with YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH across the top of the panel.

I found this funny.

Same here, at first I didn’t get it but then I finally figured it out. Through extensive research and analyzing I figured it out.

I see what you did there, :v:.

This is actually really funny :v: