The snowy Helghan

One of my best screenshots imo

I tried Joazzz’s bloom tutorial on this one but it was looking bad, I must have fucked up something.
C&C is welcome, as usual

I love the pose on the crouching Helghan and the falling dead Helghan. Nice to see something non-WW2 related from you Hoopty. Nice work mäte.

It looks like you forgot to fingerpose him. The posing on the front two Helghan are weird; The one on the left isn’t fingerpose, and most of his body is twisted on his back leg, His chest is also facing straight forward, something that also is true for the crouching Helghan. That’s a super awkward way to hold a gun. You should twist their torso a little bit. The muzzleflash looks super pasted on, and the blood doesn’t look like it’s coming out of him, because there’s also specks of it down on his pouch, and it doesn’t seem like it has any direction, it’s just “there”. The two Helghan in the back are posed fine though.

Actually the snow bloom looks pretty good.

They are all fingerposed actually, also, thanks for the other advices, I’ll work on that.

Even that?

Either way it’s not a bad one, and it is one of the better ones I’ve seen from you. Just some things I thought say.

Some links to the model maybe?? Nice picture btw i like that bald guy it have some nice fingerposing

These models are still private so, you’ll have to wait until the release.

There’s something called “Patience”, you know. Also, nice image, i like it.

Okay then, i will be here…waiting…

i don’t think it was necessary to bump the thread just for saying that.

Their poses look very static and not energetic with any motion at all.

Try making their limps more spread out.

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Oh shit, i just saw the timeline.