The soldier dominating the Demoman

Yeah, I am with Team Soldier, so I made this little screenshot!

Here they are:[/media]

Same picture with a little bit of Sobel:


Also, could someone edit this one and put eyes on the soldier (not the demoman!)? I somehow couldn’t use eye poser on the soldier…


C&C, and if anyone can help me for the soldier’s eyes on the one with bill’s hat, you got a whole (!) thanks!

holy amazing fuckballs

satanic boring squares

Wow, I think this is the first time I’ve seen sobel been used correctly.
Great posing!

Put this in that propaganda contest.

Fuck yes, Do it.

I’ve asked a friend of mine to add text for the ‘propaganda’ feeling, which do you guys prefer?



I personally prefer “Better dead than RED”.

The third one, great job

You should put part of the text behind the Soldier.

I’m using the text-less one as my background now, this is epicly awesome.

the first picture is really, really good! saved and artistic given

i prefer better red than dead and im not that keen on the ones with a bit of Sobel

You mean better dead than red* but aye, cheers for the reply

That lighting is awesome, I take that you achieved it with in game lamps?
The posing is spot on too.

Yep, one to the left

The soldier looks like a demon in the last 2

Fucking sexy ass posing

I like the sobel and I prefer better dead than red.
But FYI… Ima Demo.

** Demoman couldn’t hold his Whiskey.
Hold it for him. **

What type of Font is that?

I don’t know, the text hasn’t been added by me, but by my friend.