The Soldier hold up some Grenades.


Anyone know how to get the soldiers helmet off?

Transparent texture.
He didn’t get a hatless hat afaik.


Why is there a hat ontop of one of the nades?

Because he dreams of becoming a pilot that grenade does

The reason it’s there is because I forgot to take it out when trying to find a way to take off the soldiers helmet

body groups i think

“2 of every animal on Earth”

I’d almost say this isn’t worthy of a whole thread… but would work well for a comic or for a collage.

The floating hat really makes it seem way sketchier than it is.

The posing and faceposing is good though, I’m not denying that.

He could be holding the can-shaped grenade with all his fingers though, and there is some clipping with the rocket.

“…And then he herded them onto a boat…”

“And then he beat the crap out of every single one of them”

Now you know it!

It’s pretty cool.

Now where did you get those grenaedes there, son.

Bloocolbalt gave em to me. he’s realisin them as soon as he’s done in cod waw.