The soldier shoots down a horrible beast


oh those don’t work anymore.

It’s good.


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Fucking god damnit.

where did you get rainbow dash?i would love to make comics on the ponys being shot at.even better for my new musical, “Masfia Ponies”

How dare you.

I can’t beleive someone made ragdolls already, as if the show wasn’t shitting up everything already.

You deserve a funny.

Thank you sir.

That soldier deserves a own medal with his own face on it

looks like minilandstan
got banned…wonder if it involved any sort of pony post

No, it was for replying to a topic bump down in Model/Skin Releases

well im glad everyone has a stalker…

means less work for me

You did the right thing, sir.

Or you could just check his event log.
This comic pleases me and I hope every weirdo watching MLP will see it.