The soldier who shows little emotion


[sp]those models show very little emotion, the most i can get those models to do is be slightly annoyed[/sp]

That is a sure lack of emotion.

That’s my -counterstrike- face.


The blur doesn’t look that good.

Way too much radial blur, I get what you’re going for but you should tone it down a bit.

Less radial blur

I kinda used the radial blur to hid the sharp as a razor edged walled in cs-havana

nice model,how did you get it?

maybe this pack:

But im not sure.

thats the pack

thanks, dude

Looks like he’s takin a shit.

Yeah the face posing is kind of limited but I can get him to look happy.
And yeah the blurry grain is awful looking.

Ease up on the blur, it made the picture look terrible.