The soldiers view on ratings. Image heavy

Now then facepunch, let’s see what you learned. This picture could be rated any of those options say it has all of those pictures in it!

The other ratings are useless for pictures. All pictures used in this thread are mine.

I rate all your screenshots dumb though.

Nice, I like the examples

Correction, the fourth picture should be rated dumb as it uses that stupid femgie model.

I’m just curious why you hate the femgie. If you say so, but I’m not reeditng…just pretend the funny pic is the one underneath it.


I care about someone with 27 posts opinion. I really do. :downs:

Should of used me as an example.

You would of been rated funnys.

Rated wrench, I liked the examples.

I didn’t want to offend anyone by using their pictures of examples. I see that people have decided to rate me dumb for the Hitler picture.

The text is hard to read and the large size of the images are resulting in large amounts of space wasted.

Heres my view on ratings.

  1. Collect all the good things, hearts, ticks, arts and funnies.
  2. Gain a box rating to store all your good ratings in.
  3. Avoid collecting all bad ratings such as crosses, rainbows, clocks etc.

do you think that the people here are too dumb to know what the ratings stand for?

also, who the fuck cares about ratings?

dark green text on a bright image makes it unreadable sometimes

I probably should’ve used blue on the forest pictures.


I use the boxes to build a box fort.


I like how this post has 8 agrees.

I rate all your screenshots box too because either they have wasted space and/or very bad posing.
The idea on this is nice but the execution is well… not good.

I’m still getting used to a 1980x1080 screen…And my posing isn’t bad. Not anymore atleast.