"The sound of business, the smell of money, It's the Hansa way."


Edit courtesy of Bubz

Felt like posing something and this was the result.
[url=http://u.cubeupload.com/HalfHealth/HansamarketplaceUned.png]Original](http://i.cubeupload.com/Ay41dY.jpg) and this one With lighting

And because I’m bored, here’s a bonus image:

Really nice editing. :smile:

The song makes me think Southern U.S.‘A.,
but oddly it seems to fit with the Russian Metro’ motif ya got going.
Lovely mixture.

I’ll relay the compliment to Bubz!

Dunno what to tell you about that first bit… it is from the Metro OST. ^:v:^

But yeah, I found it fit quite well.

Yes, it’s quite fantastic. One of the best Metro 2033 themed poses I’ve seen in a while.

very cool

Thanks very much!


Really good work, both of you, on getting the 2033 atmosphere in there.

Looks good.

Thanks a ton!


Bearded guy on the right is like “THE FUCK YOU DOIN HERE”

Really nice pose, it really has a great Metro 2033 atmosphere, props to Bubz too for the nice editing.

It feels a lot like the actual game. I want to play it again now.

Nicely done, you two.

Thanks a bunch, and I will relay your compliments.

Yeah, I would play it… but I beat it a couple times over the summer… got to the point where I remembered everything and the locations of stashes… Even on Ranger Hardcore. I want to wait a bit to play it again.

Thanks again.

I like the colors in the first one.

Thanks a bunch!

I love metro poses, especially ones based on the book.
Great work!

Thanks! I aim to please.

Oh goody!

Makes more sense if you’ve read the book, which, I can see you have.



Thought I would post my edit here as well. Just some subtle changes to light and some added effects.