The space station of future daily day

I tried myself in making interesting space screenshots.
here it is-a shortcut of daily life of a small space station.

I might puke, the models, posing, graphics, Aa, all of it’s g-BLRGH!

Dont even tell me about my computer.
My comp is totally old,and have got a bug with video card(I cant install drivers =(,I hate white sand and white TF models DX)



what is it?

Not focused on any one area and zoomed out too far; a bit hard to tell exactly what’s going on.

Nice rating us both dumb for giving crit

Kind of cool

Seriously dude the graphics are shit.:downs:
It hurts to look at the picture and I cant even tell whats going on.

Yes, because what you gave was obviously criticism.
Telling him to improve on g-BLRGH was extremely helpful for him.

Anyway, needs a better camera angle and posing.

The posing doesn’t look too bad from what i can see, but you need to focus more closely on whats going on in the picture.

I kind of like it :v:.

From what’s shown, the posing is good (although I’m not sure if I see a few NPC’s or not…), and the idea is quite nice :3:.

if you dont understand what is going on here ill tell you.
a spaceship is on repair.
some robots are fixing a ship.
another one is lifting crates to the temporary storage space.
the guys-in-orange are working as main engineering and service personel,fixing and cleaning the ship.
the guys-in-blue are guards.

there is a guy on a ship-he is cleaning it.
two guys in the left help the robot to navigate with a crate,the left one activated a holo-screen.
a guy under the ship is doing something with a missile launcher.
two guards nearby are talking.
two guys near the barrels are working with a fuel system.

do you need more descriptions?