The Special Infected

Just trying out some lighting and simple editing to see what it’s like:

The Tank:

The Witch:

The Hunter:

The Boomer:

The Smoker:

Ok the posing maybe be a bit dodgy but I do try.

posing on the smoker is a little weird other than that the posing is pretty solid.

The Tank one looks really cool.

I like the tank one.

By the time I realised the mistake I had removed the model…pissed me off, thanks man

Tank and Witch gives me da creeps

Tis the idea, if I was walking down a hallway with a bright light at the end of it I suddenly saw that bastard, I would put a bullet in my brain, maybe call the Tank a wanker first, then with the bullet.

I like the idea
Also, I would of had the boomer in McDonalds :v:

Nice posing and great lighting.

To be honest, some of the posing I screwed up on but the lighting is ok’ish

The editing is great, and the posing is good, but I think you should take a different approach. The tank needs to look as broad and threatening as possible. Have his arms firmly by his sides, spread as wide as they can be. The way it is now, he looks like he’s frightened, and that’s extremely out of character. tl;dr: Editing = Great, Posing = Good, but unfitting

The Tank and Witch are great! The Smoker is a little bit less great and the Hunter is a bit overdone, no offense. (as in I’ve seen a lot of stuff like it, it still looks great)

He is actually running down the hallway, but I shouldn’t have put his arm in the way of his legs, plus he might be running out of space, big guys need to sqeeze through tight spots…no sex jokes here.