The Specialists-like Mod?

So I always loved the hell out of the Specialists, what with the dive rolls and jumping up walls and general Matrix shit; hands-down the best Half-Life mod. It’s sad there was never a Source version, but what can you do? I’ve picked it up again with some friends and it’s still fun as all hell. However, we look at the fun we have with Gmod as well and want all our guns and maps and planes and shit along with the general control of the Specialists.

As such I request this. This isn’t particularly saying I want one made, though if there isn’t something similar I would. What I want is something for Garrysmod that isn’t like a total conversion or anything, but gives the freedom of movement in such an awesome way as in the Specialists. Mostly, that translates to dive-rolls, rolling on the ground, wall jumping, etc., sort of free-running and acrobatics I suppose. I’m just wondering if there’s already a mod for that sort of thing, and if someone could point me towards it.