The Spooky Aids [Friendly][US] Fresh Community Server!

The Spooky Aids [Friendly][US] - New 27/12/13

Connect to server Easily

Press F1, then type - net.connect

or steam://connect/

The Server Admins

Hey guys, we are a brand new team dedicated to bringing you a safe and friendly Community server. (One US, One EU admin)

If you are new and haven’t played before, we are willing to give all the help you need!

We are two admins who are professional are not are looking to spawn items / cheat / or mod the game! Nobody will have a starting advantage!

The map will only be wiped when it is absolutely necessary, no random restarts!


Server is free
No donations required
Friendly Staff/admins
Near 24/7 Monitoring
Vanilla Server
PVP/Sleepers enabled!


No KOSing (Killing on site, unless bases are established)
Airdrops are free-for-all (radius of 10m around airdrop)
No banditing or raiding new players

The Spooky Aids [Friendly][Us East]

We hope to see you there!