The spy has a problem...

Just a little mech test, gonna pose them later in a Transformer ripoff comic :smiley:

Yeah I was just going to make it in Construct, but decided to do a pose of it :confused:
So you can obviously see the coverups I tried to do.

ADv dupe! NAO!

Also didn’t bother to edit them at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh, I can’t it only copies one prop >:(

Nocollide together

It’s a bit of a clusterfuck in places. Like it has weapons all over it pointing at itself and stuff. Looks a bit daft.

I’d like to see a Spy zap that


lol i wonder what would happen if this thing get zappped.


Also lol that’s a huge sentry you got there :v:

Nice use of covering.

Try sapping that!

I was intending it to be, although I seem to have overdone it.