The Spy (Interactive)

This is the sequel to SWAT.

If anyone posts a bad comment of this comic sucks then i just report it flameing and ignore it.

so if people say you need to work on your posing you’re gonna report them?..

No i meant people that says This comic fails or sucks.

Images are broken for me.

The images are fine for me.

Try uploading 'em to a different site.

I think he should stop making stupid goddamn interactive comics nobody wants

C!! C!! Grab da fire extunguisher!!! :smiley:

Why are you replying then? Why are you even looking this comic then?

This comic sucks, there’s only 3 options… And the HUD is still visible, the Combine poses are all the same.

I agree.

oh, and cl_drawhud 0

I know how to get away the HUD i just left it on because i thought i wanted to let it stay so i can use it to show health and ammo but i use it now.

The HUD being on really takes away from the comic.
IRL, you wouldn’t see your health or how much ammo is in your gun.
Why are all the Combine in the EXACT SAME MOTHERFUCKING POSE?
They’re not in positions where they’d want to be if they were defending that building.
I’d put them in places where they would be watching the doors or on the catwalks.

This is terrible, Prismatex summed it all up.

(Everyone rate Prismatex gaybow now!)

Just STFU or GTFO if you have nothing constructive to say you morons.

B mmmmmkaay.

Everyone is being constructive. If you can’t handle criticism, don’t post comics on FP.



I told him how I would fix what I perceived as issues in the comic.

i got the feeling we are all gonna get reportet now:v:

Lol, this server is using PCMod 2.0.4