The spy makes his escape and the sniper gets revenge

Now I want you to tell me… if my poses suck if a lot of you say they do then i will stop posting pictures.
If most of you say i should keep trying feel free and say so…

The posing is bad, you need to practice ** alot ** more before you start posting. Take more time on your posing, try to recognize what a good pose looks like.

Ok some C&C on the first pose.

They scout and the sniper are standing wrong. Their asses are wide out, only hookers stand that way.
Their legs also look bad, they are bend forward.
They need faceposing, try learning to do some faceposing.

On the second pose…

FACEPOSING MAN! your doing it wrong, I see the spy got some nice faceposing but the Sniper looks retarded.
Also there is some minor clipping on the spys fingers.
This one got better posing tho, the fingerposing is fine.


You never know…they might need the extra pay.

Seriously, why do so many people have trouble posing? You just fudge with it until it gets right


I like the dead spy in the second picture, as it looks kind’ve comical but serious at the same time, but yea. The rest of the poses need alot of work.