The Spy performs Frank Sinatra's "That's Life"


I like it.

That spy’s an asshole

Nice pose Zerax :buddy:

Oh god, brilliant.

make a video

Good looking and original.
Everything could be bigger, though. Wasted space everywhere.

That spy is a true French hero, bien joué monsieur!

Evil spy

Thanks for the comments, guys. :buddy:

So the spy killed Heavy’s friend, and then rubbed it in?



Also awesome song.

That’s Mean.

Yes, YES, YEESSSSS! Awesome.

Frank Sinatra does the best music. :buddy:

Thanks for the comments and ratings, guys. Keep them coming. :3

its good to know someone else likes him too

My friends who are metalheads tease me for liking Sinatra :saddowns:

Fuck em’ I’m kinda in the same position as well.
Keep fighting the good fight!

We must execute all those who don’t appreciate the power of Sinatra.

I’m an oldschool metal-head who likes Sinatra.

So: A friend or foe?

Haha, clever concept.

My only gripe is that I think you should have placed the knife in the Scout’s chest to make it a bit more visible. Right now I had to look at it for a while until I noticed it in his face.