The Spy Revealing a weapon and the Scout walking along a handrail.

Lighting and posing practice.

The beta spy looks awesome.

The posing is very good.
The shadow at the scout picture is awsome.

The beta spy looks a bit like a nazi with his old clothes and the red band on his right arm.


The scouts left hand is wierd


How is it weird? Specifics please? I’m trying to get as much data as I can from these two poses to improve.

People please provide more then

I’m glad you like the pics but that doesn’t help me improve.

The gun is clipping on the spy, the scout’s left hand look a bit broken… can’t find any errors other than these.

Awesome !

doesnt look like hes got a grip on that handrail at all.

The scout looks like a scary monster from outer space.

I don’t get the scout picture, wtf is he doing.

he is watching gay porn :tinfoil:

The second one is really intense.

I like it, but the Medic’s faceposing to me doesn’t make sense. Also the Scout one is almost perfect but I think the finger maybe should have been closer together. Still very good pics.

so wait if the medic sees him he’s think he’s wearing two helmets?


Well the dutch resistance wear orange at the same place and allied with the allies…