The Spy Who Loved Me(Scout's mother and spy)


faceposing looks ridiculous

Its just fine.

Nostalgia-seizure attack HHRHRGH!

Artistic just for bond.

-Faceposing looks idiotic.
-Camera angle is awful, looks like a vacation picture.
-The scout’s mom waving at the camera makes it look even more like a vacation picture.
-The spy’s pose is terribly un-bond like. Makes him look like a gangsta who just got his airsoft gun and is takin myspace pics with it.
-What’s the scout’s mom just standing next to him for, she should be all over him.
-What the fucking shit is up with the scout?

Needs to be more like this.

-It’s intended to be a vacation picture.
-He’s not exactly bond
-It’s illegal to have sex in public places
-His eyes are spurting blood at the sight of his mum with the ENEMY.

Better Music… IMO

Also were did you get that gun from?

The original sounds better because it’s sung by a WOMAN. not some shit band

  • Can’t you read? The faceposing is terrible.
  • That’s why it looks so bad
  • Bad excuse
  • It’s a picture from a game, the law doesn’t apply.
  • His eyes are spurting a shitty ingame effect at the sight of a model with another MODEL.

SHIT BAND! You sir have offended me, I challenge you to a duel! Smacks with a glove

You don’t seem to grasp the concept of posing, i’ll leave you to stew in your own feces.

You don’t seem to grasp the concept that your an 09’er and hes an 06’er thats been playing AND posing way longer then you have.

join dates do not matter.

take the criticism.

terrible idea, terrible execution.
-terrible blood spam on the scout.
-spy’s faceposing is overdone
also, i never heard of eyes spurting rivers of blood when they see an enemy hanging out with someone else.

Faceposing sucks, and why didn’t you say it was a vacation picture in the opening post?