The spy

A new Pic from me,enjoy :slight_smile:

Spies don’t wear full body armor but whatever, nice job poseing and I really like the shadows.

5 :smiley:

Woah good posing! 5

Thanks for comments,and yes you are right about the Spies there. But i worked on that pic three damn hours, and work is calling tommorow, i couldn’t think of a better name for the thread, maybe i should have called it Secret meeting, well too late now :slight_smile:

Well the suitcase is a bit straight. It should be more saggy, and not perfectly straight.

He’s handing it to someone, that’s how your hand moves.

Either that suitcase is filled with nothing, or that’s non-realistic posing. You can’t just use your magical powers from your rist to lift a suitcase like that. Your hand bends DOWN.

Thanks for comments, Ok about the briefcase,i didin’t concentrate that much on getting the briefcase perfect,i thought it looked quite ok, but you are right about your hands bend down.But maybe you don’t see the other terrorist there, he is giving him the briefcase.Its quite dark were the other terror stands.But i was quite happy with the picture.

Great posing! Good job! Any tips for a Gmod noob like me? I used to be okay, but I stopped using Gmod for a bit (silly me), now that I’m back I seem to lost all the skill I had at posing.

i niid te modle plz.
were did you get it?