The SS: Hitler's Finest

Are at it again! This time doing what they do best: Killing those “inferior” to the Aryan race.

I’ve always wanted to use those L4D corpses for something like this. It won’t be the last though.

I relly like it, except for the smoke.

Dies ist sehr gut. Hitler wäre stolz.

Que? No cromprende.

It looks nice. :slight_smile:

Indeed he would, and please speak English. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know how i should vote for this:
“Artistic”, because it looks nice … or “Dumb”, because it f#@&s around with the darkest time in the history of my country … desicions, desicions -.-

Every time I hear Aryan I think of something from Oblivion…

Cool picture, the tone is just great, the blue hue is great too.

You better get that “Dumb” ready then because this isn’t last of this theme, sorry.

Could I kindly get on my knees and beg for the original

Actually, yes you can have the original. I haven’t seen you editing anything in quite some time.

Yeah, well … Do me at least the favor and don’t call any one of 'em “Hitlers finest” or something like that.
It somehow sounds so heroic and there wasn’t anything heroic about those guys or any other german soldier that got involved in crimes against humanity.

It’s ok to show the brutality of these monsters. People outside of Germany can propably handle this theme better (especally the victourius countries) but it’s just wrong to give them a heroic title.

This is niiiice!

Thanks for the original btw!

Yay you’ve given me something to do tonight. lol

Same here

Your’s will probably be better though! ^^

Oh man, that looks fucking sweet!

Great job!

I kinda’ like the smoke.

The editing is what makes this look nice, without it I must say it’s very bland.

Yay for Gestapo.

Great going man.

Freaking cinematic. Great job.