The Stalked House - Gmod Thriller

My Movie :slight_smile:


Boring, lame, and unoriginal concept. Your camera angles/dolly shots need a lot of work. Your first like six shots were very bumpy and all over the place. Your editing needs a lot of work, some shots just lingered on way to long. It was a little too dark for most of it, and you used windows movie maker… face palm

Shut up. Ive worked hard on that video so don’t be so fucking mean. Bitches like you should get shot down.
You fucking ruined my day there man. Just becouse i ain’t a good movie maker you don’t need to say all that shit. Show some of your videos? Show that you are better? Show you can do something else than say stupid things about other peoples work?
Burn bastard, burn.

if i had an extra post for every time we have to tell posters that they should expect criticism when they post a video, I’d be a gold member.

I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings princess… Would you like me to rewrite my post? Here how about this “Wow man your video was great, looks like you spent a lot of time on that. The music was creepy, I got scared from just hearing that :open_mouth: And Gman is the perfect assassin, with his briefcase and all he seems so professional. And I loved the camera work, the wonky movement, the intentional miss to keep it centered really showed your camera skills. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see the next one!”

D: I’m sorry but I just can’t lie about it, the video really wasn’t that good. And as Freakysoup said when you post in here expect to receive criticism, and if you can’t take that then don’t post here. The fact that you’re freaking out like that over one little comment just shows how unready you are for the real world. Because not everyone is going to be like your mom spoon feeding you through life with all the fake compliments.

Another thing, I never said I was better then you. I was merely just pointing out the flaws in your video, if you felt like I was being rude that you’re taking it a little too personally. I may have more knowledge about film making then you but I don’t think im better then you.

Wait you want to see some of my work, sure let me give you some links: (Wait what’s this :open_mouth: He has a video on a tv show. Yeah I worked on two tv shows last year, my videos have been seen by over 3 million people). Oh and here’s my Youtube page, not much on it right now D:

So next time you post a video on here, suck it up princess and take the criticism.

I agree with Ringo. You should get a better video editing program and find some other music. Halloween is overused and doesn’t really fit for anything else than the real movie. Try to improve your camera angles.

If you worked hard on that video, I’ve got bad news.

Literally all it was was spawning combines and Gmen and just having Camera swep go around the house. Like seriously, you didn’t even bother using any camera methods such as rule of thirds, it was just “HERPDERPWASDWASDWASDWASD”

Here’s a video I made on the same map:

Learn from it or something.

@Ringo. Okay… You should really get a life… I know i aint a good movie maker, i see that to? But do i go see other people’s videos, say it sucked and it all were shit and just one thing… Why do you make a joke of my mother? Do you see whats wrong with you? I think it’s your heard or feelings? You don’t care about other peoples work, if someone make a vid “Ooh, thats some crab, my grandmah can do it bettah” And just becouse i get mad for the comment you leaved me, you doesn’t have to say something about my mother…
And one thing… Your movies sucked… And i doesn’t say that becouse i’m mad… But they are fucking bad…

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Okay, i learned nothing but thanks for the advises (I think?) But i didn’t spawned the Metro Police men as you call “Comebines” and “Gmen” were also a ragdoll, and i know if you mean’t ragdoll but still… And dude, it were just a trailer, not a movie?

is nice!


I sense a massive troll here.

The only reason you say that I because you don’t understand them. You can’t explain why you don’t like them, you just say they suck without an explanation. I think getting a video on a show that is shown all around the world with a plus 1 million viewer ships shows that the video can’t be that crappy.

Haha just saying it’s not gmen. (Not trying to be a troll just joking around :D)

A gmod thriller