The Stalker 2 - Fixed and Resurected!

Hello Everyone!

You read the title correct! The Stalker is back and ready to kick some ass!

The Stalker is a gamemode created by Rambo_6 and I TAKE NO CREDIT in making it.

The Story:
A wile back, a gamemode was released named “The Stalker 2 (V2).” it was created in mirror of “The Hidden: Source.” It was one of the more popular gamemodes during its time, unfortunately Garrys updates broke some functions and people started to abandon it.

Over the years, Stalker became out of date due to Garry updating more and more, The last remaining server to host Stalker was the famous JokerIce, i pleaded and pleaded for them to release it after they took the server down.

To no avail.

I found a few people that coded Lua and asked them to help me fix the gamemode a few months later, i provided the Server, He provided the Lua Skills.

I would like to give all the fixing credit to WhiteH20 a.k.a. Whitewater.

So now, i am proud to announce that The Stalker 2 is FIXED and ready to become one of the more popular gamemodes in Garry’s Mod!

Join the server at

Please don’t minge around, this is the only server hosting a fixed version other than Fretta.

the fretta version is miles better than the old version. just let it die already.

if you want to play a completely updated version of the stalker then go to a server running fretta. there’s a bunch of cool new stuff added and the game is more balanced in general.

Never! The Stalker 2 will never die!

Honestly, I agree. (About Fretta being good.)

He just made me promise to fix it for him, I think he doesn’t like the variation of the games.

I like the original version… the one that has not been touched by millions of patches that alter the gamemode completely.

The Fretta version looks like quite an improvement from TS2, don’t be so quick to brand it as shit just because it’s based on Fretta.

I just played on his server, and its a blast. Currently making a map for the server…

@Deruu + Rambo_9

Fretta Stalker is a fixed version, ill admit that, but it can only be used with Fretta…

If Rambo_6/Rambo_9 would make a stand alone version, such as The Stalker 3, i would be more tempted to use it, rather than fix the original.

The fretta version of The Stalker can be standalone, there is a convar in fretta that disables gamemode voting but keeps map voting (sv_frettavote or something, i forget the name).

So you can make a Stalker-only server if you want to.

I still prefer the original.

I have had my server populated for 2 days straight already… people seem to love the original version.

I agree that the original is better. I’m starting to play it alot.

In truth, a lot of gamers start playing the very first version of the game, and after the new shit comes out, people start talking about how in the old version you could do this or that, but you cant in the new version.

My point is that when people have played the older versions, then it disappears, they are stuck with a new version that sucks or is not as good, and they want to play the original, my server is going to stay as the original and im not removing it.

I don’t care if my server dies and no one joins it, theres always going to be some people that like the gamemode and will join.

Good luck to the newer versions.

Really, are you so lame to call it ‘One of the more popular gamemodes’?
This gamemode failed already. You can’t call something popular before it’s crowded and/or people like it a lot.


Lol I lol here

it didnt realy fail, in its time it was quite popular. not as popular as sandbox or shitty roleplay scripts, but it had its own niche.

/Agree @ Rambo_9

Me to rambo_9