The Stalker - Redone Again

So yeah, The Stalker is a gamemode i’ve been doing since Gmod9. With each update i continued to build upon it and diversify it. In Gmod9 it was very simple, there was one player with the stalker model who was partially invisible and could jump/cling to walls. The rest of the players were soldiers with rifles who were supposed to kill him. It was very inspired by The Hidden. As it progressed it slowly began to take shape and eventually turned out to be quite different from games like The Hidden. This current release adds much more cool shit to the older version of The Stalker (i actually redid it using Fretta, which makes it much more versatile and easy to work with).

Those of you who played my old version of The Stalker which i made when Gmod10 was first released remember how fun it was. I’ve made some fairly large changes to it. For starters, i’ve removed the loadout system along with most utility items (such as the tripmines and healthkits since it was very hard to balance all the loadout items). It’s now class based:

[ul][li]Marksman: Armed with the SG552 and a Glock 18. The SG552 has a zoom feature for long range kills and is a very accurate but slow-firing weapon. The Glock 18, in comparison, has a fast rate of fire and is fairly inaccurate.[/li][li]Support: Armed with a FN-P90 and a USP. The P90 has a large magazine and can unload a shitload of bullets in a small period of time. It is useful at close to medium range. The USP has a slower rate of fire but is fairly accurate and is the most powerful of all the pistols.[/li][li]CQB: Armed with a M3 and a P228. The M3 is a rape machine in close quarters but only holds 6 shells. The P228 is extremely accurate but is the weakest of all the pistols.[/li][li]Prototype: Armed with a UV-Beam and a Glock 18. The beam is unique in that it only holds 3 shots per magazine but deals huge amounts of damage per shot. Additionally, the laser beam will poison the Stalker with radiation on each hit. This will temporarily make the stalker more visible and deal damage to it over time.[/ul][/li]
Instead of offering a choice between lasersights, a flashlight, radar tracking or nightvision, i have simply made it so your weapon has lasersights all the time (but only while you are not using the flashlight). Radar tracking and nightvision were silly gimmicks anyways. I’ve removed the radar since it didn’t really serve a purpose either.

The Stalker now has more cool abilities. These abilities rely on your psychic “energy” to be used. Your energy will slowly recharge over time when you use it up. I’m not done making the Stalker’s HUD look cool yet…

[ul][li]ESP: Disables your energy recharge while in effect. Instead of a flashlight, the Stalker has ESP. While in use, it will show where the enemy soldiers are, but make your vision much darker. Your energy will resume recharging once you stop using your ESP.[/li][li]Scream: Requires 25% energy. You emit a large scream which temporarily deafens nearby soldiers and causes their vision to go wonky briefly. Good if you’re surrounded and need to make a quick escape or if you just want to scare the shit out of people.[/li][li]Psychokinesis: Requires 50% energy. Just like in the old Stalker gamemode, psychokinesis allows you to turn a prop into a killing machine. A possessed prop will jump around randomly, hurting any soldier it happens to land on top of. Perfect for scattering a huddled group of soldiers or distracting people while you make your move.[/li][li]Mind Flay: Requires 75% energy. This ability lets you single out an enemy soldier and attack his mind with psionic waves. Their vision will be severely impaired for 20 seconds and they will hear weird voices in their head. They will also take a small amount of brain damage. Perfect for taking down stragglers or enemies who are good at detecting Stalkers.[/li][li]Healing: Requires 100% energy. Since The Stalker slowly loses health as time passes, it would be wise to try and let your energy fully recharge so you can keep yourself alive. While healing you will emit a shimmering aura, so make sure to hide while you heal. Healing only is effective if your health is low since it only heals half of the health you are missing (ie. if you started at 200 health and you are down to 100 health, your health will be set to 150).[/ul][/li]
Some screenshots taken from betatesting:

A prop going crazy

The ability selection menu (access it by pressing reload key)

ESP vision for The Stalker

The lasersights (jpeg quality ruined it a little)


You need to get the Gmod Beta SVN in order to host this gamemode. You can download it HERE.

List of servers hosting this gamemode:



Yes, I’ve loved this gamemode. I have played the old version alot recently. Can’t wait to try it out.

It says it’s running ctf, I’ll play on it as soon as you change the game mode to stalker.

Looks amazing, I hope some more Fretta servers being running it.

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Because it’s fretta server, gamemodes will change by votes
Very disbalanced gamemode, stalker can be easily spotted by flashlight…

Disable flashlight, makes dark maps harder anyway :P.

if i lower the stalker’s alpha any further he’ll be practically invisible.

So disable flashlight? Seems like a good solution unless most of your maps have so little light you can’t see a wall from a pathway.

it’s fair enough as it is. i may tweak the stalker’s alpha levels but that’s about it. part of the strategy involved with being the stalker means hiding on walls, the ceiling, etc. if you’re just running around in the hallways then obviously people are going to see you and kill you quicker. you have to think ahead of the soldiers and plan your attacks.

Just drop the stalker’s alpha if a player is looking at him with the flashlight enabled. It should prevent him from being detected with a flashlight.

[quote=“Hardy, post:4, topic:5921”]
I downloaded svn ect. can you please tell me how i get the game on my server?

Install fretta gamemode from gmod beta svn(somewhere here)

<3 Stalker

Been playing for 2 years baby! fucking game of smarts, skills, and precision.