The Stalker

What is it?

A team of soldiers must hunt down a powerful, nearly invisible creature known as The Stalker. The Stalker has a number of abilities:

• Scream - A powerful scream that causes nearby soldiers to lose their hearing temporarily, and causes their vision to become disoriented slightly. This attack uses 25% of your energy. This ability is very useful for making quick escapes.
• Mind Flay - This attack invades the mind of the targeted player. They are heavily disoriented and take some damage from the attack. Perfect for picking off stragglers or confusing players who are very good at figuring out where you are. This attack uses 50% of your energy.
• Telekinesis - Control a prop with your mind. You can choose the direction in which the object is thrown. A useful tool for distracting soldiers or causing damage with larger objects. This uses 75% of your energy.
• Regeneration - Replenish a fraction of your health. While regenerating you are more visible for a small time span. Uses 100% of your energy.
• ESP - This ability is enabled/disabled by toggling your flashlight button as the stalker. When ESP is enabled, you can see where soldiers are through walls. However, while ESP is active, your energy will not replenish and your overall vision becomes darker.

The energy used by psychic attacks will slowly regenerate over time. In addition to having psychic abilities and being invisible, the Stalker is also very agile. It can jump to high areas, run faster than soldiers, and cling to walls. The Stalker’s health slowly drains over time but it regains health with each kill.

The soldiers have their own tools for hunting the Stalker. There are 4 different, equally balanced primary weapons to choose from, as well as 4 different secondary weapons and 4 utilities. Their flashlight runs off battery power and if your battery reaches 0% charge then there is a small delay before it starts recharging. The recharge rate for the battery is slower than its drain rate so you have to manage your flashlight use.

Primary Weapons:
• The SG 552 - A highly accurate scoped rifle. Magazine size of 20.
• The FN P90 - A SMG with a large magazine and a high rate of fire. Magazine size of 50.
• The SPAS 12 - A powerful close range semi-automatic shotgun. Magazine size of 6.
• The FAMAS G2 - A 3-shot burst rifle. Magazine size of 30.

Secondary Items:
• Portable Sensor - A laser tripwire alarm which can be planted on any solid surface.
• USP Compact - A backup pistol with unlimited ammo.
• Stim Injector - Heals 30 health on the user. Can be used only once.
• NV Range Scanner - A handheld scanner which augments your vision.

• Improved Recharger - A battery recharger which replenishes power faster.
• Laser Module - A laser pointer attachment that fits any weapon.
• Extra Ammunition - Additional ammunition for your primary weapon.
• Flashlight Augment - A flashlight amplifier which provides a wider, brighter beam.

Where can i download it?


Alternatively, via SVN.

Get this too if you’re using SVN


Me - Pretty much everything.
Chessnut - Made the scoreboard.
SteveUK - Helped improve SWEPs, spectator mode, some other fixes.


Some tips for server hosts:

• This gamemode uses a map cycle file. If you don’t have yours configured then you’ll end up having the map change to cs_italy.
• Use sv_pure if you want to ensure nobody is using any sort of material hacks.


I just searched youtube for recent gameplay footage.


Some pics taken during development:[/t][t][/t]

probably one of the best gamemodes, good to see it back!

Yep it’s a very good gamemode played it in gmod 12 it’s scary, but fun.

I’m planning on making corpses controllable by telekinesis. So you can kill a guy then toss his corpse at his friends. If you smack a corpse with your claws it explodes into a gory mess.

Some ideas for the 4th soldier perk:

  • Some sort of damage reduction? I don’t know about this since tampering with the health of soldiers would be a balancing issue.
  • Maybe a movement speed perk? Might also cause balancing issues.
  • An automatic one-time-use stimpak when your health gets low. Currently, your screen starts to wobble slowly and your vision blurs a little when your health is low, so this could lessen that.

Utility idea: Tinfoil hat - lessens the effects from Scream, and Mindflay. Also makes it so the stalker has to be within a certain distance to see him on ESP.

For maps you might be able to use some Morbus maps. They are quite dark and most of them are indoors.

I was thinking of this, but i don’t know if it’d be very balanced. I don’t want to mess with ESP or the effects of mind flay/scream since they are so important to the Stalker, especially when there are lots of players.

I guess if all the players pick it then it would kind of suck for the Stalker. Maybe instead of a passive, it has to be activated, while held down it uses battery rather quickly and gives you the buffs(and of course you wont be shooting any guns while its activated). Or maybe it could stay a passive but also make your battery recharge much slower, so you’ll get the buff but have to be very careful with battery life and having an EV scanner would be a terrible idea.

-Bonus movespeed
As a 4th perk

Bonus movespeed would work if the bonus amount is fairly small, just enough to give a slight movement boost.

The battery is a very fragile element of the gamemode too, i dunno if i’d want to make it recharge any slower. I think i might just test a variety of different options for the last perk and see which works best.

Glad to see this returning. Good luck.

A decoy/flash grenade.

Goes off and will create a flash and some smoke for the soldiers, a small vision thing. For the stalker it will cause a temporary disruption with vision and esp. Like when you look at the sun, for a short time the stalker cannot see things in that direction.

Could be used by a soldier to avoid a tough scrape.

Ok finally got telekinesis working like i wanted it to. When you select a prop to control, it starts to hover upwards.


Once you’ve selected a prop to control it will hover for 5 seconds. If you right click again before 5 seconds is up, the prop will fly in the direction you clicked. If you leave it, the prop just randomly spazzes out.

And now it works on ragdolls but i need to fine tune it. The ragdolls are serverside but this gamemode is really simple so i think i can get away with a handful of expensive ragdolls. They don’t collide with players directly so it’s not that bad.


edit: holy crap this is great.



I think it would be awesome if there was gibbing in the gamemode (for deceased players, the stalker, etc). It would be awesome if you could toss a body towards a squad of people and have it explode into blood and gibs on the floor infront of them (or the ceiling/walls)

I’m going to do that eventually because gore is always fun and ragdolls are expensive so that’s a good way to remove them.

I got a pile more finished. The HUD is working for humans and the stalker.

As a human, you see halos on teammates (colored depending on how low their health is) and you also see halos on dropped weapons/corpses. You can pick up dropped weapons but your ammo is limited to the ammo in the weapon you pick up. So if i have a P90 and i empty it completely, i can swap it for another weapon on the ground. You can’t hold more than one primary weapon at any time.

As a stalker, you can see halos on humans. I am going to remove that feature though since it makes ESP redundant. You also see halos on any prop that can be interacted with (ie. ragdolls, props).


Bonus thug life screenshot


the game is pretty much playable now.

todo list:

  • help menu
  • make corpses gibbable
  • make heavy props instagib you if they hit you


The EV Scanner turned out to be really cool. When you equip it, you get an overlay on your HUD. It makes things slightly lighter but also makes it a bit harder to see normally. Primary fire makes your HUD temporarily light up brighter and also makes the Stalker visible to you for a moment if he’s close. Primary fire uses almost half of your battery power in one use so it takes a bit of planning to use the scanner properly. You also have to swap back to your weapon once you find the Stalker which makes it a bit risky to use as well.

You only get one tripmine alarm but as a bonus you are able to move it whenever you want. It has a 5 second arming time.

Flashlights work as intended too, you have about 12-15 seconds of life before your battery runs out. If you empty your battery to 0% then it will freeze at 0% for a few seconds before it resumes recharging so you need to manage your battery use.

Wow, I remember playing this a long time ago. Glad to see it being revamped.

Everything is working.


You can smack ragdolls as the Stalker to explode them into a gory mess. You also gain 3 health from it, because i felt like giving a tiny incentive.

All i need to do is make a nice scoreboard and this game is what i would consider finished. I also need to make a sick icon/logo for the gmod main menu. If anyone here wants to try, feel free. Make sure you make these images .PNGs and use background transparency though.

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also twoski, maybe make the ability selection use the weapon selection keys for the stalker? slot1-4