The STAND - Interactive.

*Original name? *This is my FIRST comic.

*This is Rhodok, he was scouting the surrounding area for hostile creatures when he spotted helicopters in the sky, firing at the nearby village.

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What should he do?
(a): Get back to camp, get his gear and ask for people to join him and head for the village.
(b): Go to the village himself, without any gear. (WARNING, HE MAY DIE.)

This is good for a first. I assume you lurk around here often.

I vote A.

Thank you, haven’t really done anything yet so i don’t know if it’s good or not. :wink:


**(a): Get back to camp, get his gear and ask for people to join him and head for the village.

*After getting back to camp he realises that if he’s going to be atleast a bit safe he need firepower.
*What should he buy? (He can only carry two weapons, and he won’t be able to buy two primary).

(a): G3 + 10mm Semi-Auto Pistol.
(b): Chinese made Automatic Carbine. + Chinese made pistol.
©: You decide.

Grenades will replace secondary.



D: Kill himself so this comic won’t conitnue.

I just hate interactive crap.

Note added.

I hope this comic will live.

A chinese pistol and a hunting rifle. Truly hunting rifle is very accurate and will help you to fight on long range.

Yeah, me too.

C96 Pistol and the Bolt-Action, fully auto close range, bolt-action’d medium range and long range.

Next one who picks Bolt-Action and Chinese Pistol will decide, or the one that picks B.

And you’r choices will change the story, not much in the beggining. But later.

People may DIE and people may be found.
Weapons & Other things may be found, or ignored.

Main hero can’t die anyways. Thats the problem.



Who said there’s a main hero? If one of them die, the story might change. :colbert:


Do you have around 100 of heroes? :smiley:

I am talking about random posts. If people see that they can kill the hero and they don’t like the comic or interactive comics in general, you will get a lot of posts with a wish to kill the hero :O.

Anyways i hope for the best.

I’ve planned everything >:D.

What about sustenance, does he need food?

Food, water, and sleep. But not like in real life, gets boring.

So he will need food and sleep, just not as time consuming?