'The Stare' (Experimental/Expressionist)

Snipped for the Facepunch community doing what it does best.

What is this shit?

So many trolls today…

Well that was to be expected.

I’m honestly not trolling people, I worked very hard on this so please judge it for what it is.

Get out bro. Garrys Mod poses arent about art they are about some bunch of idiots making pictures of various games.
Its NOT art. So stop trying to act like you are creating art.

Excellent and a truly artistic piece. I see a man angry at the society in it. What was your idea behind the image?





Drugs aint no good for yoh boy

It is supposed to be Expressionist Art like the Scream



This thread is amazing. :taco:
Filters are magical.

Expressionism does not mean filter rape.

I know, but it didn’t translate well at all.

Sorta. I was thinking more along the lines of Arnold Schoenberg’s “The Red Gaze”.

That picture also looks like shit.

And besides using filters how exactly does one achieve that, champ?

It’s not a good picture if you’re intentionally making it look horrible.

I’m not ‘intentionally making it horrible’ I’m trying to find a way to diversify Gmod so it’s more than just the realism many have come to expect of it.

You are not creating art here. They are screenshots from a game, everybody can make a screenshot look horrible. Try making it look good.