The start of a good evening

Last one with these models (maybe, I have a very unique and ambitious idea with some of them but I need some dresses…).

Fun to pose with and I think I’ve showed them off pretty well anyway. Anticipate their release! It should come soon enough! Personally, I would say they’re good to go now but realistically they still need a few tweaks and touch ups.

Hopefully someone other than male09 as well :v: Heads are photoshopped in these pictures.


All the allies do on their spare time is chat, drink beer and go to pubs apparently.

i like this…the models are great as well as the posing…great work :bravo:

When ever I think of US soldiers standing in a bar in the 40s this song keeps coming up to my head.

Anyway very nice.

I don’t think pilots getting drunk is gonna be the start of a good evening…

can i see the original? i want to try to edit it, looks fun for practice

What model is the head of that guy in the right from? Doesn’t look like a citizen.

Did you use that CoD5 cap model?

Negatory. It’s a seperate cap all together :slight_smile:

It’s one of Fakefactory’s earliest HD releases of Barney. I molded his face with male09.

The original is posted in the OP.

Ahh fakefactory, he was good before he started with the humans…

maps are still incredible though, dynamic lighting and everything.

No, it’s the start of a great evening!

It’s an old tradition to show up to the flightline hungover in the morning. That’s why they don’t have open bars on or within walking distance Air Force bases anymore.

Also, great work once again Jim! I’ve put together a few more alternate skins, and I think I’m going to trash those green coats, I personally like the brown better. Dean’s still working on some of the bugs, but once he passes the fixed version of all the males to me, I should be able to release not too long after.

A rare treat, I like it.

Cool models and posing. Feels too warm to me though and it looks like you randomly burned below the bar or something because there are weird black marks everywhere.

It’ll be a good morning for morticians everywhere.

Now why in the fuck can’t this section be full of stuff like this, the way it was a couple of years back?

You’re one of the good guys, Jim. You can stick with a theme and yet keep it interesting.

I must say that looks, Amazing.

Go Army Air Corps!