The state of 'Explosive'.

4 days ago there was something implemented called ‘Explosive’, I’m not totally sure the reasoning behind the decision of making this but there is one sure thing, it’s very rare. I’ve probably played about 30~ hours over the last 4 days. A few of these hours have been dedicated to farming zombies to try and get this honour. Sadly, after 300 red zombies, 50 black zombies, it led to nothing. Me and my friend were sitting there with about 2-3ks worth of gun powder in sulfer/charcoal ready to blow up some doors but there’s an inherent problem with the state of ‘rarity’.

Rare drops are NOT rare as soon as you have it. It should be rare, that’s why you’ve made it a rare drop, but it’s not. As soon as one of these massive gangs of 20 people have it, they ALL have it because of the paper/research kiot, so the rich get richer, and the less established can never get there. The massive gangs are able to raid anything and everything they want, while more rogue groups (2-3 like me and friends) are just completely vulnerable to it and we’re put in a position where we literally have to make 1x1 square rooms with a metal door on and just hope these massive gangs don’t find worth in blasting it.

Another problem with it is that we never get to see the ‘explosive’, we’ve had many people raid us and we’ve held off some, well a lot, but they just drop ‘Explosive Charge’… We can’t even steal it off the people that are raiding us.

In summary, I think you’ve made a bad move by creating a middle ground to the explosive charge. I understand you wanted to make them more expensive, but that could have been done with just value increases. If what you wanted was less people having charges, that is NOT is what happened, it had the opposite effect. The rich are getting richer, and the rogue robbers like my friends and I cannot break these massive fortresses to get anywhere near their stock like before. Charges are no longer a commodity to those who possess them.

I’d like to hear others opinions on it, but personally, this at the moment is ruining the game for me.

thanks for reading <3

its only available on airdrops, not from crates or zombies. I think it’s too rare also, from what I’ve heard they are going to make it a little easier to get in the future, I can’t confirm that though.

Ok, that’s nice, thanks for clearing up, but the same point still stands about the rarity and paper/research kits.

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a lot of people reading it, no one commenting? if you disagree i’d like to hear that too