The state of london 1 this month has just been atrocious

So London 1 wiped for the first time on october 1st, as every other server did. But then it wiped again a few days later apparently the save file got messed up so they could not restore it. Not a big deal just a few hours of work that we had to redo. Everything was fine for about a week, but then…

Then came the lagg, there was lagg on the server for about 2 weeks straight and im talking about the unplayable kind, the 3 minutes delay to open a door kind. After the 2 weeks of lagg the server went offline and stayed that way for about 2 days . Then it was up again but you couldn’t just connect to it, oh no you had to switch to the dev branch. Somehow london 1 had become a dev server aaand it wiped again.

I’m sure most players don’t know how to switch to the dev branch so there were only 9-11 players online at any giving time. But no matter we started building again, because why not, our past experince this month told us that we would not be getting our stuff back. Holmzy came online for about half an hour. We tried to question him if this wipe would stay but he just spawned in 3 helis and left. So i logg on again today, the server has been restored to its previous state all our new buildings are gone and the old once are back. But it’s still on the dev branch.

I get it, it’s alpha. But what was the point of the Devblog 80 – Postmortem if you’re still not gonna communicate with us? We just experience all this random shit that keeps messing up our gameplay experience and not one word. Least Holmsy could have told us that they’re working on trying to restore the previous wipe so we don’t waste our time.

I’m very curious as to whether they are going to wipe London 1 before the official wipe myself. If so I know not to waste anymore of my time on my project/build if it’s just going to be erased without notice.

They don’t give a shit about official servers.

I advise to just join a different server, I will be doing so next wipe. We’ve had at least two months of buggy shit london 1 and honestly it’s not high enough priority for the dev team to do anything about it.

Get ready for the “it’s alpha” post

it’s alpha.

no seriously, that’s not the issue here. the official servers are test servers; ie they stress test the game there. don’t expect a stable experience on official and you won’t be disappointed.

Yeah but this just brings back the original problem: There is near no communication from the devs. When you boot up the game for the first time where does it say that these are “stress test servers”?

I would love to leave london 1 but i’ve built a community there, not to mention all the bps i have spent hours to get

I disagree

Developmental servers are the test servers.

I perceive the official non-developmental servers as ‘stable’ builds of the game. You expect a certain amount of reliability with them as these are there to showcase the ‘official’ version of the game without modifications.

Perhaps facepunch should just make all official servers dev mode.

that’s a good suggestion, and an understandable expectation; it’s just not really the case.

i think although it would be nice to expect the official servers to be the most stable, clean example of rust around, we need to consider that the game is in active development, and that’s what the official servers actually represent; a game harrassed by cheaters, constantly updated/wiped, with devs/admins on occasionally throwing down the banhammer but mostly just doing their thing making the game.

personally i’d love a bit of transparency about which official servers are run by FP, and which are simply authorised to be official servers. for example rustafied is not FP run, but very up to date with information because of the communication between the owner and the team. some of the official servers have devs not admins, and they would make sense to all be in dev mode. but the ones authorised to be “official” should really have a certain standard to uphold.

Well said, that was pretty much my exact thoughts when first choosing a server.

You can believe that but it doesn’t make it the case.

if dev servers were test servers why was holmsy on London 1 spawning 4 choppers in while it had wiped then rolled it back?

Well the people on these servers don’t seem motivated enough to leave even after discovering that the Official Servers are flaming dumpsters of dogshit. If the developers are going to treat them like in-house test servers, then maybe they ought to make them all “dev” build… then they won’t have to complain that no one logs into Dev build to test out the pending changes that are put in 24-48 hours before being pushed out in an update.

also nice to see a mod who is supposed to care about what his community thinks calling our comments artistic and dumb. carry on with that attitude you may find yourself out of the job before long. its people with that half arsed attitude that are driving people away. start thinking about what you say and do elix this game will start going downhill very quickly!!

Well evidently quite a few agree with my view and are therefore let down when instability issues occur on official servers with no explanation or official word on what is being done to repair or prevent these problems.

These threads are a regular occurrence now and not a single word from the development team.

Even after the “Postmortem” of devblog 80, communication has not improved.

I’m not a moderator, and you’re silly for taking ratings so seriously. Moderators are also volunteer positions on this forum. Moderators are not on the Rust dev team.

Moderators have green names. Facepunch Studios admin/staff have light blue names. Gold Members are basically normal users with bigger avatars and access to a few subforums no one cares about.

well then stop being a dick and putting artistic and dumb things on shit that doesn’t concern you. if youre not gonna be helpful piss off and stop putting down good comments.

(User was banned for this post ("You're not a mod, don't tell people what to do" - postal))

exil what is your steam profile?

funny, that sounds like stress testing a new game element in a way that doesn’t destroy the game for people by upsetting the balance/leaving buildings destroyed. how is that not a sign it’s a test server exactly?