The State Of The Union: Union of Evil Part 1

Well I think its safe to say this is my single longest comic ever (since the last one).

And since the re-sizing here is madder than a mad-man from Manchester here is a click-able image for y’all to find a much much larger easier to read version :slight_smile:

Full version If you like to do it the hard way:

And there you have it comrades, part one of the great story arch ‘The Union of Evil’ submitted with a week to spare to my birthday, which to be honest had I not posted it before then I might have well have not have bothered :stuck_out_tongue:

But what will happen next?

How will Chris react to the Gun revelation?
Who was that mysterious woman?
And will they actually raid Aperture science?

Find out next time in The State of The Union!

But more importantly…


Comment below!

I enjoyed.

Few spelling mistakes but a brilliant comic all the same.

Truly a piece of awesomeness.


Am I cool yet?

this was freaking great and brilliant good job there

Aside from a few grammatical errors, quite nice.

Hurray my months of planning are paying off!

Thanks for the comments everyone!

you’re welcome just keep up posting great stuff like this

I can but try, I mean I’ve been working on this (in one form or another) for months now, but I think you can tell that in the lenth ;p

Damn it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a comic as long as that. Great work once again dude, that was a fantastic read indeed.

Aye I reckon on that’s why people haven’t really bothered with this much compared to others.

Brilliant comic, i tip my hat to you good sir.

Bottom left man on the poster. I want. :D:

Nice comic, too. :slight_smile: Never seen one that long on FP tbh…