The Status of PERP 2?

This situation is troubling.

PERP 2 has been released for a month now, and there has been little to no chance to play it via numerous IP’s from

Here is the latest post:

Here are my ping test results for both servers:

Now, tell me… How does this make sense and if you know, when will PERP 2 servers REALLY be getting back online?

They’re up, I’ve been playing on them for the past 2 weeks

IP of the server slippp?

You’re pinging the wrong ports. :bang:

Since hunts disabled hearbeat, it ‘blocked’ some people from joining.

PERP2 kicks ass and makes me horny.

Thank god, I was getting impatient about seeing if this server would come back, but then I read this insightful comment, It totally changed my opinion and I realized I couldn’t care less!.

Any way i can “unblock” myself or do i have to wait it out?

He’s perma’d and comes in with spoofed steam id every once in a while so yea.

perp2 doesnt suck it is the best RP script ever!

I’m agree¸ he have a flying man : Kazuo :smiley:

You said it, it’s good script, but most of the people says that community is not the best.

Got to admit, there is a high concentration of idiocy in the community, not going to lie. There are, however, a few decent players. Try to find them amongst the kids and the morons and you should do fine.

Me right?

I’m the best player right >.>

No, I am better.

^ A shining example of the idiocy.

^ Example of a britfag!

^ Example of lulz.

Ha lols on all of you