"The Steppes of Stalingrad"


Effects are good but I feel as if the composition could use work. Right now it feels stretched-out and empty, which (unless that was what you were going for) makes it feel off.

looks more like Hoth

The gently sloping snow-dusted golf courses of Stalingrad

Very good movie btw.

Needs more battleground on the back though

Damn, I was gonna say it needed a Snowspeeder in the background

But as others have said, it is rather empty. Also I think the Nova 6 German models would fit in well here too, like the frozen dead models could work to fill out space.

Well,it’s supposedto be empty. I chose a more realistic approach when doing this theme inless of doing a Hollywood quality screenshot. That’s why there’s nothing but 5 nazis in a completely plain environnement.