The Stolen Shit Thread

So yeah, post cloudscript entities and weapons that have be stolen. Simple.

Well, this guy called “Smuz” stole Entoros’ Aurora Bomb

Lets just hope something can be done about these.

Please don’t complain unless you’re the author of the thing that has been stolen.

Garry is hot.

Maybe a useful idea would be the option to ‘fork’ a cloudscript, so people could see who created the original script, along with a list of forks.

Also an option to vote a script to be a fork of another, i.e. * many people think * is a fork of *.

Garry stole my hotness. :frowning:

This could be something to look at, yeah.

I think Smuz stole a lot of his uploads. It’s to be expected with a system like this.

Besides the DoD SWEPs he “created” are arse. If you are going to steal something, steal something good.

Someone copied microoosoft’s torch too.

Someone stole the Aurora Cannon? sigh

Ok, I formally request that it be removed. I’ll upload it at a later date.

Isn’t it just a particle effect? Naming it “aurora bomb” is kind of obvious he stole it though.

I know right.