The Store is Offline

After staying up until 5:30 A.M so I can get a copy for a decent price, I get this:

The Store Is Offline
Sorry guys. Alpha access isn’t for sale right now.


(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/missed the sticky for discussing this" - postal))

Same here mate. Stayed up all night and get cut off when over 60 keys still available, very disappointed :frowning:

I’m disappointed too.
I’ve been watching this stuff so long.
I’m about to buy one and now it goes down…

Anyone know if it’s going back up tonight?

I had the opportunity to buy one. My brain thought it was good to save 10 more cents.
Those few more cents costed me the key haha

Unfortunate too, as could only stay up due to it being the weekend. To wait up all night for a decent price and then to not be able to get it is very upsetting.