the story of an unknown man part1

Remember this thread?

The beginning of my new series. The move is gonna be mostly about action and shooting. Here we have the protagonist: the unknown man, living in lost post-apocalyptic world, were everyone cares only about their own survival. I think i’l make some factions, creatures, portals in time, protagonist allies. You can also suggest what how the story will be. Thx for watching! and please constructive criticism!

Its very good, i like it
there are a few cosmetic errors, but other then that its great.
(try and keep the cameras hidden)

Bad. Bad bad bad.

Well it’s mostly random gameplay / randomly shooting npc’s and you can see there are some errors here and there (you can see the camera, things dissapear) it isn’t that good but yeah it’s a lot better than some stuff we see here.

bro , are you serious?

As i expected. You’re an alt of Wolfz.

ffs it’s not a good movie if you HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT IN TEXT AT THE BEGINNING

That was hilariously awful.