the story of an unknown man part2


2:40 - noclip? ;D

nah, he slept throw the window :smiley:

Only took me a quarter of a minute to realize what this was.

You killing combine in flatgrass with prop buildings around.

Killing Combine In Flatgrass A Video Does Not Make.

it’s fucking gmod, not some special movie making game. What the hell you want?

This is a joke video right?

nice attitude

Something that doesn’t show a bunch of LUA errors spamming the screen whenever a large enough explosion goes off.

Before you publish a shitty video that expects you to read text, check your spelling and grammar.

Maybe custom animation, usage of faceposer, Stuff that isn’t you using Madcows SWEPs on combine soldiers with AI disabled? Take a look at Combine Nation and stuff by LitFuse, They did that in GMod and Hl2, And compared to yours it looks like Apocalypse Now to The Room.

The scenery wasn’t too bad so I’ll give you that. As for the video, it’s not so good.

The protagonist better go get checked up at the doctor’s, a grouling stomach can be dangerous if left untreated.

I honestly thought this was a joke/parody vid.

At 1:04

“He decided to join the fight aliancing with the rebels”

Gets shot by rebel

Most horrible piece of shit i’ve ever seen, at 2:40 you use noclip, than get stuck into the ground you noclip up and than you think “Oh what was the camera button again that is floating in the top left?” press the button look around do some more shooting, realize you can’t hit the combine so you turn on hud again.