the story of an unknown man part3

Please constructive criticism. No shit like “this video is joke”.

Step one:
Get rid of whatever that pink n’ black thing was in the background.
Step two:
Don’t rip off Red Alert 2 music when it has no reason to be there.
Seriously, he’s looking around a house, not shooting.
Action music has no place being there when nothing is happening.

Work on you grammar.
I stopped watching as soon as I saw “He was very tired and saw a house”

what;s wrong?

Lmao the camera

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doen’t work to color it, dunno wtf

Oh god more of this? This is like my heroin. It poisons and emaciates me, But it’s sooo good.

this video is joke

was very funny

I don’t even…What?

This right here is what’s wrong.