the story of an unknown man part4

Please constructive criticism. No shit like “this video is joke”.

Story: The beginning of my new series. The move is gonna be mostly about action and shooting. Here we have the protagonist: the unknown man, living in lost post-apocalyptic world, were everyone cares only about their own survival. I think i’l make some factions, creatures, portals in time, protagonist allies. You can also suggest what how the story will be. Thx for watching! and please constructive criticism!

Ah, let’s see.


NPC are just standing around. (example - The beginning of the video.)
Camera work is terrible.
Random props lying around.
US Soldiers. You used COD British soldiers, but sure.
They are standing outside the APC, even though it has a fuckin’ turret ontop of it.
The OpFor hits the soldiers with a rocket and the APC magically disappears.
Again, a ‘Humvee’ appears with a machine-gun. Yet, nobody decides to ever use it!
‘He then DECIDE to steal the jeep BECOUSE that wasn’t his war.’
‘He ran away. Where will he stumble next?’

…I hope into a better video.

That’s all I have to say.

PS: Start using this -

thx man, the vehicles with turrets are bugged and I couldn’t use them, and the random props are scene build.

No, that’s not a ‘Scene Build’, that’s just random prop placement.

You see, that’s your first problem.

Oh god there is a part 4?

Well atleast you did put some effort into hiding the camera.

yes man I surprisingly IMPROVE myself

can you tell me some ideas what to do next? I don’t like to pose ragdolls and stuff.

Then don’t make movies. That’s like saying “I want to make a movie but I don’t like to use a camera”.

ya I should make comics with furry ragdolls with wierd chobo birds.

Fast release ;d Map name plax?

you can also find my saves in toybox