"The story of Evan" Possible comic teaser



“Watch as he struggles up and down the stairs in the absence of working elevators. Watch as Ambrose is forced to carry his biggest burden and liability. Will their friendship be strong enough to protect them?”

Just kidding. It’s a good picture, some great posing, though simple. The music goes well with the picture to. Almost sounds like trailer music to a dramatic movie.


poor evan :smith:

You haven’t read the comic yet.

Tears will be shed.


Thanks guys!


I don’t know what to say. I love it, I love how they look out of the window, next to each other. The only thing is the wheelchair is’nt in direct contact with the floor. :v: I demand you to make a comic out of this.

I hope that he gets a rocket powered wheelchair and then become a super hero.

Wheelchair racing while being chased by Combines. Sounds epic.

And then they have gay sex

How did you get inside my head and read the ending?!


Oops :v:

Oh shit, this right here.

My uncle doesn’t have functioning legs :smith:

Looks interesting. Your name’s Phillip?

They should rebel against the Aliens, and charge to battle with the guy in the wheel chair with a helmet on and a minigun, and the guy pushing him with a jet pack. Nice posing, and all that good stuff.

The hardest part about making comics, I believe, is choosing the proper font for titles. Your fonts don’t seem too bad but perhaps the color scheme should be improved.

If you don’t want to change the color scheme, I would suggest finding an alternate way to bring the title out more.

i bet he’s going to fall off a staircase somewhere in the story,amirite?



Yeah, thanks.

If you use gimp you can have the text as a different layer and add lighting to it, I do that a lot.


You should make the text white

Maybe I will, for the final project. Thanks for all the good C&C guys :smiley: