The Strangers sack guy stalking man/woman. (dark, turn brightness up before entering)

C&C please, don’t comment on brightness, it’s fine for me.

Cant see shit.
Too dark.

i dont want to comment on brightness
but i cant see something

Up you’r brightness or read title and don’t enter.

same to other guy.

I can see the picture because I doubled my brightness.
Lets see:
Odd Posing

Too dark


Bad Camera Angle

Result =

I don’t like the angle and the head looks to big.

Also she looks like she has Downs.

Watermark is actually quite cool, but it’s so dark so i can’t say anything else.

I quite like the pic.

And The Combine you should stop being such a douche

I have brightness on max and can’t see shit.

I saw her faceposing by going into an weird pose in front of my monitor uh yeah the faceposing… :aaaaa: dunno if laughing was supposed to be my reaction at it, but it looks like she just saw a huge plate of donuts in front of her instead of a guy trying to kill her…
oh yeah, that movie came out awhile ago. :smug:

Full brightness, and all I can see is the guy’s bag-face.

Just went into photoshop with this and upped the contrast…

Horrible, stiff posing.
What the shit is up with the faceposing?

I dont have full brightness and I can see the pic.
You guys either need new eyes or new monitors

The thing is that people dont want to be changing their pc configs to see full detail on a picture, its really annoying.

I dont want to turn up my brightness, I want to see a picture when I enter a thread.

Shitty post

Result =

I keep having a feeling that this is someone that we all know of.

I didnt have to change anything, I can still see the picture.
Don’t get me wrong it’s way to dark and low contrasted, but people saying they cant see anything, they should consider investing in new monitors

Lol stop copying my awesome style. You know im right. I just dont want to waste time typing a very nice critism just so that guy isnt butthurt.

“Friendly criticism”
Oh wow, jesus. I have never had such a good laugh in ages.

You know what I mean.