The Strider...It Walks...

Okay, big sudden revelation to me in GMod today. I was messing around in construct and put a strider npc in it. Had some fun with some Hunters by using a 3rd party script of some sort to command to Strider to start using it’s warp cannon on the unsuspecting things. Then I decided to bring in the ol’ jalopy and mess with the Strider by driving between it’s legs and things like that. Just being dumb. Then, I got inside the map’s large building area and was contemplating tossing a Magnuson on the thing, when I hear that curious stomping sound. I thought to myself that the Strider must be crouching randomly, part of it’s idle behavior instincts. But the sound persisted. I thought then that maybe the sound was applied regularly to Episode 2’s Strider because the Striders are always walking in Episode 2.

I peaked out to confirm this, and to my bewilderment, the Strider was not where I left it. I looked around wildly, until I spotted it, stomping around the jalopy, walking of it’s own free will, looking for me. Not looking very smartly, sure, but all the same, the damn thing was MOVING! The Strider, formerly useless as far as summonned NPC’s, was finally doing what everyone and their mother WANTED it to do!

Has anyone else realized, or recreated this? Because it’s a mind-screw for me!

A beautiful young man named “mahalis” added NPC nodes.

I just said that.

New NPC nodes in GM construct

I would LOVE to take a look at that script you’re talking about (the one that lets the Strider use its cannon).

It uses ent_fire commands (at least, I think it should), and I’ve been trying for several days now to implement some of those into a Lua-based menu, but Lua doesn’t want to comply.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE post a link for me!


If it’s “Strider Control” by mahalis or Xplodzion, mention which one so I can be sure to look at the right script (because I tried doing something similar, but my “exec” and “ent_fire” commands always get blocked by Lua).

It was THIS one actually. I was never able to get Strider Controller to use the cannon, and it could get a little boring just telling the strider to crouch and stand up and fire it’s auto-gun. Now Strider Controller seems to not work at all since the update. This one does though:

Damn, it’s just a bunch of key bindings.

Thanks, but it won’t work for what I need (I want to put way more commands into it than that, so I’d be giving up my keyboard).

If I ever get what I want, I’ll still mention you though.

You tried to help. That means a lot.

Now if only the AI nodes worked for the Hunter Chopper…

It makes me curious as to whether mappers could include such features in THEIR maps, because I have to say I love that the Strider is more than just a tall turret now. How I’d love to be able to play on cs_desert and have Striders roam the map…Is it advanced stuff? Because Hell, I’d learn some Hammer and apply those features to my favorite maps MYSELF if I could have the same fun I’ve been having in construct lately.

Thank mahalis. He added NPC AI nodes into gm_construct.

how do u select the strider cos i have strider controller n just cnt slect it plz help me

Not to be an asshole or anything, but not many people here will take you seriously until you learn how to spell.

i would make a map like construct with AI nodes along with the npc nodes but i forgot all that stuff D:

Well let me put your mind at ease. Use the info_node_air_hint entity in hammer with the hint type: Strider node. You have to put them at a reasonable height to see them. path_tracks might be necessary.

Yeah, me too, it’s awesome. Thanks Mahalis for putting AI nodes in! And it also really scared me when the Striders I spawned started walking.

Thank you for placing these AI nodes in! These will be great for little things, that require NPCs.

do they have these nodes on other maps?

Not unless the mappers put them there.

anyone know of a good map with strider nodes? gm_atomic supposedly does but I haven’t gotten striders to move on it.

It does, there’s a “Gunship Patrol” Stool around somewhere that does just that, it actually Creates nodes for the Gunship to follow… Needs an option to replace it with Strider or Hunter-Chopper or even Dropshits :3

“Press O to select a Target, Press I to Fire your SuicideBind”…

I believe the proper term its “true dat.” :slight_smile: